Changing Elements
27. Juni 2015
Elbhangfest, Grottenwirtschaft

The Band


Founded by Ed und Axecuter in 1995, CHANGING ELEMENTS  had some great gigs between 1998 and 2000 in the Dresden region. Then there was a long silence around the band. Since 2008, CHANGING ELEMENTS  have been rocking the stages of this world with a new bassman and drummer, in 2010 a keyboarder joined the band.


Inge Ed Axe Stefan



Ed (Eddie Fender) - guitar player

Founder and musical head of the band. Already in his childhood he was forced to play the guitar. His passion for rock music awoke when he got his first own Deep Purple record. From this moment, his neighbours didn't have a silent moment any longer. Ed's fulminant harmonies and rapid guitar tunes determine the sound of CHANGING ELEMENTS.



The Axecuter

birthday: 03.09.1977
profession: social worker

Old friend of Ed and the second remaining band founder. With his unmistakable, powerful voice and profound lyrics he completes the musical jam created on the guitar. He gets most of his inspiration during his annual pilgrimage to the Wacken Open Air.

Jan - bassman

birthday: 07.08.80
profession: physicist

After two bass-players had left the band, the new one was found in the family. When in 2005 Ed's cousin Jan joined a band rehearsal, it was decided spontanuously:  
"You are cool, you have to join us, you play the bass.”

He found that this idea was great, started to practise devotedly and can now compare to many old bassmen.


Stefan - drums

birthday: 21.07.1980

 While working as pizza drivers in their youth, Ed and Stefan incidentally discovered that they shared a passion for rock music. Stefan joined the band after a few gigs when a new drummer was needed. During a first rehearsal he was found to be crazy enough to drum for CHANGING ELEMENTS.