Changing Elements
27. Juni 2015
Elbhangfest, Grottenwirtschaft

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Welcome to the homepage of the rock band CHANGING ELEMENTS from Heidenau near Dresden.

We play classic rock songs by Deep Purple, Rainbow, Ramones and more and more of our own stuff - complex rock songs in which energy loaded guitar riffs and soli mix with a powerful bass, explosive drums, archaic Hammond organ sounds and und Axecuter's unmistakable voice - just Rock...

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 As a special service for our fans from abroad we present this page as well as the Band page also in English. On the Music page you have the opportunity to listen to and download some of our songs and their lyrics and to watch us in a video. The Gigtalk is available only in German but you can have a look at the photos and videos there. The Termine page shows the dates of our next gigs. Of course, you can leave a message in our Guest book or in the Contact form in English, too.

+++ news +++

2014-04-15: Now we have a cute little band room in Dresden and prepare for the new open air season: a private party in Struppen on may, 3rd, and our annual gig at the Grottenwirtschaft in Dresden on june, 28th.

2013-01-10: Due to another move our CD won't be ready before 2014. We'll announce the date of the record release party as soon as we know it.

2013-07-23: We are still alive and playing. We had two open air gigs this year, the second one in the pouring rain, and hope to finish our CD until the big release party in november. Unfortunately, we have to leave the rehearsal room in Heidenau and move our stuff to Dresden before.

2012-10-01: There are news: Our rehearsal room has followed Ed and Jan to Heidenau, and last weekend we played together after a long summer break: as a garage band at a birthday party.

2012-07-16: Now it's over - the first part of the 2012 open air season left us with mixed emotions: enthusiastic globetrotters on May, 12 at Manfred's in Struppen, running audience at the Elbhangfest on June, 23, cheesed-off neighbours at the party of the football Club Eintracht Strehlen on June, 30 and friendly guests at Ralle's birthday party on July, 14 at the Dresden City Beach. More impressions you find in the Gigtalk.

2012-06-07: Oops - only two weeks left until our next gig on June, 23, 8 p.m. at the Elbhangfest Dresden, Grottenwirtschaft. All of you are invited to come. Entrance is free if you avoid the village centres and come by ferry.

2012-05-14: We had a nice evening, last saturday in Struppen, despite the Siberian cold. The motorbike globetrotters liked our music, and we had much fun - not least due to our guest drummer Lukas. Thanks to the organizers - if you want we'll be back next year.

2012-01-31: We arrived in the new year, too. Even if the next gig in may is far away, we meet in our cold garage to enjoy our fast and loud rock music.

2011-09-30: After a strange birthday gig (we playing in the garage, the guests outside by the fire) we go on working on our new CD. And don't forget: We love to play live, also for you. Just leave a short message in our contact form or send an e-mail to info (at)

2011-06-27: The Elbhangfest 2011 is over and we had again much fun playing for people - even if the cold wind did not encourage them to stay and we, too, had to play with pretty stiff fingers... Many thanks to the Grottenwirtschaft team - see you next year!

2011-06-06: It was silent here in the last months. Well, there were some changes in our private lives and work, and we did some records. Now it's only three weeks until our next gig. Just as last year we're going to rock the Grottenwirtschaft in Dresden during the Elbhangfest, together with two other bands, STRAIGHT WATER and COSMIC NOISE. Those who did not see us there last year may get an impression from our Gigtalk and a Video taken at that gig.